We at Transylvania Animal Alliance Group are animal lovers. We do our very best to do everything in our power to help the animals we have committed to, whether old or young. We have a very experienced neonate program and an adoption program that boasts a 100% spay/neuter rate. 

We consider every life saved a success. Once in our care, all of our animals are safe and they remain with us until they find their forever homes. 

That is the greatest success of all: To send our beloved cats and kittens into homes where they thrive, and are spoiled and cherished the rest of their days.

Our animals are different. Everyone is very socialized, and we often see people that have adopted with us come back to adopt again.

Our Mission

To reduce the number of homeless cats, to decrease euthanasia rates in Western North Carolina, and to increase the survival rates of orphaned/abandoned neonates.

Our Vision

  • Strive to work with area shelters and other rescue organizations to develop a network creating a better community for homeless cats.

  • To decrease euthanasia by increasing adoptions.

  • To recruit and educate volunteers for these efforts

  • To educate the public on the importance of spaying/neutering of domestic pets.

  • To provide information to the general public concerning:

    • Available resources that could help them keep their pet

    • Resources for unwanted animals

    • What to do if they find neonatal animals

  • To train foster homes to care for neonatal animals and other animals in need

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