Clark Kent, Super Kitten

Clark came to us, again, from Henderson County. He was part of a litter of strays being looked after by a family. One day, they noticed that little Clark couldn’t walk. They took him to the shelter, where we came across him. We took him in to foster to assess him, and what we found was a half-paralyzed kitten with a major personality. Clark doesn’t have use of his back legs, and feels no pain in them. We do, however, think he might have a bit of use of his tail. He had control of his inner workings, so we needed to get him upright so his growing kitten body did not grow…weird.

After doing countless hours of research online, it was determined that there just wasn’t a mobility cart available for the size of a five-week old kitten. Terry decided that she was going to build him one. We found a product called “InstaMorph Moldable Plastic”—plastic beads that could be melted down in hot water and sculpted into any shape.

About twenty attempts and a pair of wooden wheels later, and Clark had a cart! He was very skeptical about this contraption he was in at first, but it didn’t take him long to start running at full speeds through Terry’s home. 

Clark's story has reached people internationally. This little cat's spunky nature has resonated with a lot of folks, and he's become famous as a result. Buncombe County Schools has featured stories about him. Clark has visited a Middle School STEM class, and the students worked as a team to build him a cart that could grow with him!

Our attempts to rehabilitate Clark's legs, unfortunately, never amounted to anything. After talking with his vets, his foster, and his rehab doctors, it was decided that amputating both of his legs would medically be the best thing for him. 

Clark has healed up beautifully, and actually moves better than he ever did. He's happy, healthy, stable, and will find his special home soon.

Photo courtesy of  Buncombe County Schools

Photo courtesy of
Buncombe County Schools